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Eric-Paul Riege (b. 1994, Na’n zhoozh , Gallup, New Mexico) is a weaver and fiber artist celebrating presence in his mind, body, and beliefs through collage, durational performance, installation, woven sculpture, and wearable art. For Riege his weavings pay homage and link him to generations of weavers in his family and exist as living things that aid him in generating sanctuary spaces of welcome. His work is a being of H zh --Din  philosophy that encompasses beauty, balance, goodness, and harmony in all things physical, mental, and spiritual and its bearing on everyday experience. His work, which he describes as being “encompassed in the threads of weaving and life”, create an immersive and charged space influenced by ceremonial sites and dwellings. These spaces become activated by his body through personal and public rituals where works and installations are worn on his body during endurance based performances.

Growing up both in rural and urban Din tah (Navajo land), Riege has been gifted stories passed down to him, heard in academia, read in novels, sung in songs, performed in dances, seen on the internet. This is the contemporary NDN experience, and for Riege the celebration of these many ways of access into his cultural history has been vital to his practice. Riege uses myth and storytelling to propose homes; spaces of welcome and acceptance and sharing. In the Din  language the word h lǫ́ means “to exist.” To exist amongst his family, friends, strangers, ancestors, Holy People, Riege’s practice is the celebration of this existence and what it feels like to live in harmony with all.

Riege holds a BFA in Art Studio and Ecology from the University of New Mexico. His work has recently been exhibited in the SITElines.2018 Biennial at Site Santa Fe, NM, the Navajo Nation Museum in Window Rock AZ, the National Hispanic Cultural Center in Albuquerque, NM, and The Institute of Contemporary Art Miami in Miami, FL, the Heard Museum in Phoenix, AZ and Prospect.5 Triennial in New Orleans, LA. Upcoming exhibitions include the Toronto Biennial of Art.