Frank Big Bear on The Walker Collage, Multiverse #10

Frank Big Bear with The Walker Collage, Multiverse #10 (2016)
photo by Gene Pittman, Walker Art Center

Commissioned by the Walker Art Center, Frank Big Bear’s Walker Collage, Multiverse #10, is the artist’s largest to date—a collage work consisting of 432 panels, each composed on an invitation card for an exhibition by his son, Star WallowingBull. “It is at once a microcosmic view of life on Earth and a personal endeavor,” writes Walker Curatorial Assistant Mise Jeffereis. “Throughout the piece, the artist interspersed family photos and plastic photo corners, which might evoke a family album. The work is also dedicated to the artist’s late brother, the poet Joseph E. Big Bear.”

In a new post on the Walker Reader’s “Sightlines” blog, Jeffereis offers a look at the ideas behind this massive work in Big Bear’s own words—through social media posts he made during its monthslong development. Walker Collage, Multiverse #10 will be on view for a full year in the Target Project Space within Esker Grove restaurant.