Nemeth Art Center draws top-tier artists to rural Minnesota

Pao Houa Her (right) at the opening of her solo show at the Nemeth Art Center in May.
photo by Alex Kormann, Star Tribune

The Nemeth Art Center is based in Park Rapids, a town of 4,100 in north central Minnesota. Despite a remove of 186 miles from the city that calls the Minneapolis Institute of Art and Walker Art Center home, it’s attracting many top-tier artists. In May, it showcased some of the same works Pao Houa Her, a featured artist in the 2022 Whitney Biennial, exhibited during her 2015 Mia show.

The vibrance of this 46-year-old nonprofit space, writes Jenna Ross for the Minneapolis Star Tribune, is in part due to the efforts of Aaron Spangler, a sculptor who grew up nearby, and his wife, James Beard Award–winning chef Amy Thielen, both of whom are now on the board. Spangler, who was commissioned to make a work in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, has invited friends and colleagues to show there, from Her and Alec Soth to Dana Schutz and Caroline Kent.

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