Postcommodity wins Latinx Artist Fellowship

Postcommodity, South By North is Also North By South, 2021
installation view, Time Holds All The Answers, Remai Modern
250-litre steel haz-mat barrels
dimensions variable
photo by Blaine Campbell, courtesy Remai Modern

The US Latin Artist Forum has named 15 US artists of Latin American or Caribbean descent as recipients of its third annual Latinx Artist Fellowship. Aiming to “address a systemic lack of support, visibility, and patronage of Latinx visual artist,” the program offers unrestricted grants of $50,000. This year’s cohort includes the Indigenous collective Postcommodity (Cristóbal Martínez and Kade L. Twist), as well as visual artist Felipe Baeza, social practice Margarita Cabrera, Minneapolis-based multidisciplinary artist Tina Tavera, and public artist Edra Soto. Honoring artists from across the country and across artistic disciplines, the program also aims “to reflect the Latinx community’s diversity, highlighting the practices of women-identified, queer, and nonbinary artists, as well as those from a variety of racial and ethnic backgrounds.”

“USLAF is thrilled to announce the newest cohort of Latinx artist fellows. Like our first two cohorts, these 15 extraordinary artists embody the originality and talent that abound within the Latinx artistic community,” says USLAF executive director Adriana Zavala.