Riege Makes CULTURED’s 2023 Young Artists list

Eric-Paul Riege
photo by Nate Lemuel

CULTURED spotlights Eric-Paul Riege among 20 featured makers in its seventh-annual Young Artists list. An intimate relationship between object and body—evidenced in Riege’s Hólǫ́ ̧llUllUHIbI [duet], a series of woven sculptures on view now at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles—captured Kat Herriman:

These are adorned with chunky handmade beads that rattle with pleasure every time the wind or a stray elbow blows through. “I was thinking of them as instruments,” Riege says of this new body of work. “These objects are living, they’re made for use.” In a video playing in the space, Riege demonstrates how he interacts with these objects—often using the choreography that evokes cleaning and caretaking. He strokes, he brushes, he lays these sculptures down to rest.

Hammer Projects: Eric-Paul Riege is on view through February 19, 2023.